Tried on gorgeous TDF CL today

  1. I was at NM for the Chanel trunk show and, of course, had to check out the CL's. They did not have that much in stock, but they had a Privatita, which is a Very Prive with an anke strap. OMG, it was nappa/roccia/python and was mostly off white with a fucshia pattern and had a gold tip. They were $1095 and were just gorgeous :drool:. The SA said they just arrived about a week ago and they only have about 5 pairs left. I wish..... aside from the price they are just too fancy for my life right now, especially now that DD is standing by herself so will probably be running soon :graucho:.

    I did wander over to Saks and found a VP in tan, which would have the effect of nude on me. They did not have my size, but I am having my SA check to see if he has them and if so I will try to get them and my black/red Architeks at the next ECG then I will ban myself until the pink VP's arrive from NM.
  2. I've only seen pictures in lookbooks of the Privatita in the roccia python with the pink accents.:love: It's excitng that NM already got them in. :yahoo: It's the same snakeskin that CL is using on the O My Sling and another style that will be out for spring that starts with an F. I'm a sucker for python CLs and can't wait to see these.:girlsigh:
  3. I have been eyeing that O My Sling python on Barney's website now. I love the watercolor pastels. Help me.....please!
  4. Lynn, I've been eyeing the O My Sling as well.:yes: It's been a tough decision whether to get them or not. They're very practical and pretty - I could get a TON of wear out of them. Barney's also has them with a teal blue shading on them instead of the pink, but I like the pink better.

    Although, with so many great CL styles for spring, they are missing a little wow factor for the price and I can't put my finger on what it is about them.:confused1: For example, the black/white roccia Simple pumps are eye catching for simple snakeskin pumps, enough to make me overlook the price ... but I'm a little more hesitant with the O My Sling.
  5. Those sound stunning! I'm dying to see what they look like, was it a VP or NP? I could only find this variation of the NP when I tried to find a pic of the Privatita...

  6. I have seen this shoe IRL at Barneys and I have been scared to try them on because I am sure that I am going to just fall in love and have to have them. But I agree they are beautiful!
  7. i love these! :drool:
  8. Here is a photo of the Privatita that this thread was referring to!
    Cl Python Privatita.jpg
  9. OMG what a beauty!
  10. Love that you got a cell phone pic Asha! I did the same thing with the gorgeous black/ivory python Jaws at NM in Charlotte. Someone MUST buy that is unbelievable.
  11. ^^^haha, no that is not a cell phone pic. This shoe is also available at Barneys so that photo is from there.
  12. OMG, thoese are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!:drool:
  13. wahhh does anyone have intel on that privatita? hehe
  14. Retail is $1060
  15. I tried them on in black and the sides where I circled made a gaping effect when I walked. I even tried tightening the straps and that didn't help. That really annoyed me.