Tried on a Birkin and Kelly for the first time today!

  1. I tried on the 30cm Swift Birkin...the SA said that the colour was a light pink, but it looked almost white to me. Anyone know the name? I was gorgeous on me, but I'm afraid that it would get dirty easily. And although I didn't try on any other size Birkin, I think the 30 would be the perfect size for me!

    And then I tried on the 28cm Swift Kelly in Turquoise!

    After trying on both bags, I prefer the Birkin! :nuts:

    I also tried on a white Lindy for the first time.

    I've decided that my next bag purchase will hopefully be the Cyclamen Evelyne PM, which went down in price from $2075 last month to $1975! It will be my first H bag, and the first time I cheat on LV! :graucho:
  2. Congratulation!!!! for your first try for kelly/birkin and lindy :yes: did you try on the Evelyne PM too????? it fits well and looks gorgeous.......

    did you remember the price for the birkin? is there a waiting list for birkin also? if yes, how long?
  3. cheat arnott, cheat!! You won't regret it!!!

    That colour sounds like rose dragee.......
  4. man, I can't believe there were prices that went DOWN!
  5. Evelyne´s are gorgeous!
  6. Yup, but I had tried on the Evelynes before. Today I tried on the Cyclamen (again), the BJ, and the Gold. Even the SA who was not helping me commented that the Cyclamen looked best on me and made my skin look good. Hopefully it will still be available by the time I save up my money for it!

    The Birkin was 8 thousand and something. Didn't ask if there is a waiting list.

    Ooh, and I also tried on a green kelly clutch!
  7. Yup! No more LV until I get my Evelyne! :p

    Thats probably the colour! Gorgeous, but does it get dirty easily? Is it high maintenance?
  8. ^yes and yes. LOL, I don't own any rose dragee, but some of the girls here do...they'll be able to tell you more accurately. I'm not a fan of the colour - it looks to me like it can't make up it's mind....'am I pink? am I white?".

    Good Luck with your Evelyne...such a great bag!
  9. Arnott, help us in the 30 vs 35 cm Birkin debate - you said the 30cm felt right for you - how tall are you please and what sort of build? Thanks.
  10. Thats me in my avatar...big boned! :p And I'm 5'5".
  11. Before I tried them both on, I thought I liked the Kelly better! After I tried them on I realized the Birkin looks better on me! And I like the fact that its easier to access than the Kelly because you can tuck the flap in. I do like the fact that the Kelly has a shoulder strap though.
  12. i agree with you birkin is easy to access~
    and i'm a kelly girl~
    glad to hear you tried quite a few things on and figure out what looks best on you and what you want!
  13. Thanks.
  14. :feminist:
  15. Sounds like you had a happy time - has the experience made you ready to commit to a Birkin in future . . .?