Tried etoupe JPG birkin last night, but it's DISPLAY only

  1. last night, i was :drool: :drool: :drool: when i spot a JPG shoulder birking in etoupe in hermes store. the price was there and it's not THAT expensive as i expect. then i asked SA to let me to try. it's togo and quite heavy, but it's simply gorgeous.. :graucho: :graucho:
    however, the SA mentioned that this bag is DISPLAY ONLY. i said "what? i can't buy it? can you put my name on the waiting list?" she said she can't since the store is in duty free and they can't take any names, but i can try on other local stores... oh, i think other SA must ignore me if i said "put me name down on the list of shoulder birking pls"... :sad:
  2. aww..that's so bad. A JPG Birkin in Etoupe must be amazing!
  3. Wow, I didnt know the JPG Birkin came in Togo?! I thought the only leather it came in was Clemence. But you know Hermes...they can surprise us with little gems like that. I remember seeing a JPG Birkin in Ostrich (also a display).
  4. Drat! I'm sure it was just dreamy. Well, now you've been able to "model" it and make sure that it's what you want. This is a good thing! I hope another finds it's way to you soon!!
  5. That's terrible that it's display.
    I hope you find what you are looking for....
  6. Sheesh, I thought that only happens in the Shanghai store. Hope you will get one somewhere else.