Tried AppleGuard leather conditioner

  1. :love: I bought the Appleguard leather conditioner after hearing about it here. I just did all my LV's and wow did they come out beautiful. It did not darken the leather or change it in any way but it took off some stains. I had water stains on the bottom leather part of one bag and it improved it by at least 80%. The leather now looks so clean on all the bags. I didn't even think some of the bags were dirty in any way but when I cleaned them the white towel got dirty so I knew it was working. I did the leather handles of my small coach bag and that came out great.
    I used to send my LV out to the shoemaker to be cleaned and it would cost about $15.00 a bag so now I am very happy to do it myself. I hope to do the rest of any of my bags with leather handles tomorrow.
    Good product here, I haven't boought any of the other products from them.
  2. That's good to hear !
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Can you tell me where did you get appleguard, thanks
  5. I'm picking some up the next time I go to Burlington Coat Factory.
  6. thanks !!
  7. Great! Thanks for the report!
  8. Thanks! I really need to try it!
  9. I totally second the use of the conditioner! I'm in Australia and ships here. They are fantastic! Great customer service and very prompt emails. No worries at all. And the stuff is great! It doesn't stink either.
  10. So glad to hear this, as I just purchased from them online - I wonder if I can also use it on my Mulberry Roxy? Does anyone know for sure?
  11. Thanks for the info. I have always been hesitant to use the Apple Guarde on vachetta, but I think after hearing your endorsement I will give it a shot.

    Does anyone know if the Apple Guarde cleaner is a no-no?
  12. Wow, I will have to try this product!
  13. :love: I don't see any reason why not - I've used it on LV, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Chloe and no issues

  14. The cleaner is pretty strong and should only be used on really dirty bags. I have used the conditioner and it gently cleans. I always use the conditioner to soften up and protect the leather first. Then I use the waterproofing spray afterwards. I never use one without the other and find the duo works wonderful! I have never had a watermark or stain on my bags due to using these products :love: :biggrin: :shame: