Tried any good anti-wrinkle creams lately?

  1. I'm 33 & just starting to see those "fine lines". I've been using Murad for my eye cream but I want to find something to put on my face at night to target my little lines. There are so many ones to choose from & so many new ones constantly coming out, I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out which one to buy. I was hoping someone could tell me what has worked for them. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. read my post above "best skin lotion.... DETENTE is the newest peptide product on market. I have been using it for awhile, and my skin looks amazing!
    It pumped up all the fine wrinkles,and really moisturized-I even use it under my eyes! I am over 45 and tried everything-this is the best, in my opinion.
  3. Thanks very much for the tip! I just ordered a sample too.:graucho:
  4. Retin-Ox Correction got rid of the fine lines I was getting at the top of my cheekbones where I smile/laugh, and on my top lip - I don't smoke but was getting a few crinkles there.