Tried a search first, but now a Chanel expert on soft -n- chain needed


Oct 22, 2007
Hi everyone need some assistance from the experts! Ok, I'm sure many of us have seen Jessica Alba's Blue Soft -n- Chain in the large flap version from Spring 2007. (Pic attached)

Now is it true that only Neiman Marcus carried the flap version of this bag (wanted to double check), and no Chanel boutiques? And that the large flap (same as Jessica's size)was not produced in the color black? I've seen the large black soft -n- chain hobo, but wanted to double check about the large black flap. I know the smaller size flap in Black was being sold at Neiman's ($1850), but the SA told me the black flap in large was never produced, and only the blue and beige color were. Is that true, does anyone have a large Black Soft -n- Chain Flap or seen one in the past?

Thanks so much!!!