Tricolour 36 HAC

  1. Dear Ladies,
    i would like to get your advice!
    i get offered a tricolour-gold-havanna-ebene 36 cm HAC.
    What do you think about the colour-combi?
    and the size?i am 5'6''...
    looking forward to hear your opinions!
    (other option is birkin 30 epson black or wait...:crybaby: )
  2. I belong to the camp of people who like neutral colours, and also respect bi-colours so long as the colour combination is elegant.

    Tri-colour is not my cup of tea .... too wild, or rather it didn't look like much thought was put into making an aesthetically good looking bag or that it is a product of remnant leather pieces. Sorry I said it. (duck)
  3. isn't the 36 HAC more like a travel bag???? no pictures????

    it might be to big and may become to heavy for travelling, IMO.
  4. Pr1nc355 has a tri-color Kelly. It is sooo gorgeous.

  5. Tricolor is gorgeous but the size is huge IMO unless you consider it as a travel bag.

    I say wait for another bag. im sure ull get another chance to own a tricolor 30cm/35cm birkin :smile:
  6. Colour combo sounds absolutely yummy but size sounds a bit iffy - will it be too big? The problem with the 36 HAC vs the regular 35 Birkin is the depth. Access will be a lot harder.

    The 30 Birkin sounds nice but a tad small.

    Sorry, I seem to have Goldilocks syndrome today. LOL.
  7. It might be too large for daily use.
  8. Its too large for you.
    Go for the 30cm black epsom, its a better day bag ! :heart: :heart:
  9. Thanks, Kou! The color combo sounds almost exactly like the combo on my tricolor Kelly (the colors on mine are gold/havane/chocolate). Because I really like the color combo on mine, and the one you've been offered sounds so similar, I say it just might work. However, I agree that the size is too big for everyday because the HAC is so deep. If you're looking for a travel bag, it's the perfect size as a carryon, though.
  10. The colors sound lovely, the size is a bit too big for me...but you are taller and maybe carry more? It does sound very tempting. Maybe think over the long run, is that a combo that would work with your wardorobe and what you carry on a daily basis?
  11. Thanks Ladies!
    the color-combo is lovely!
    i am also afraid that the bag is too deep.
    however, iwill try again today and inform you about my decision.