Tricolor HAC arrived!!!!

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i am pleased to present my new baby:
    HAC 36 tricolor
    i went back to my store yesterday and just couldnt resist!!!!
    i love the color combo,and since i always wear high-hills,i think the size fits me.
    36 HAC.jpg 36 HAC 2.jpg
  2. Congratulations! :yes:

    Was it just on the shelf or did you order?? I've never seen a HAC (or Birkin) in my store.
  3. THAT is a fabulous HAC! Great for wearing with just about everything! Congratulations!! She's a beauty.
  4. that is gorgeous! love it! can you take pic with the flap over? TIA
  5. Congratulations, MM! What a gorgeous bag!
  6. Verrrrryyy nice color combination!!
  7. Oh that looks like something from a chocolate box......yummy:P
  8. Dear Pazt,
    here it comes with closed flap...
    HAC 3.jpg
  9. Thanks Ladies,
    you are all so kind

    they couldnt satisfy me with anything else,so it comes out mysteriously from the back of the store:smile: .
  10. missM, thank you so much! i love the color combination! thanks for posting that!:love:
  11. Congrats! What gorgeous colors!
  12. Congrats !!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I love it, it looks yummy, chocolaty :P
  13. Congrats! It's a beauty.
  14. WOW!!!! It's a beauty! Love the colors! Congratulations, Missmarbella!!!!!
  15. Congrats MM!!! It's gorgeous; I absolutely love it! It'd be great to get a photo of you modelling it if you don't mind. I've never seen a 36cm before on.