Tricolor Birkins and Kellys

  1. I love tricolor Kellys and Birkins however they seem to be rare and difficult to come by... please post photos and let us droll over the different models and combinations!!! Cheers! :smile:
  2. Vintage Tricolor Kelly in alligator/crocodile combination.


  3. ^^^Wow, Westiepup!!! What a GREAT first pics to post as a tri-color. Just Gorgeous!!! What a special bag you have there!!:heart:
  4. Is it just me? I cannot see any pictures.
  5. Would love to see it... but somehow I can't open the attachement??? Any advise? :shrugs:
  6. here's my tricolor kelly 28 togo with ruthenium H :

  7. Oh no, that's not my bag! I wish!:P I found it on a Hermes-loving Japanese girl's blog and she says it belongs to her mother.

    I don't know why some of you can't see the pics, I did a direct link so that I wouldn't have to shrink the photos. hmmm.



    Does it work now?
  8. here's another pic of a tricolor HAC taken at our local H store. this bag was available several months ago (vert anis, potiron, rouge vif) :

  9. Pszt I love :heart: your 28cm Kelly... it's gorgeous!

    Sorry Westipup... I still don't seem to be able to open the file, thanks for trying anyway!
  10. Here is my 32cm Kelly....
  11. [​IMG]

    Looks like Togo. If it was bi colour in Potiron and Fushia, I would grab it in a heart beat!
  12. Barbs,
    That's the first bi-colour Kelly in that combination I have ever seen! :P Thanks for posting. What colours are they?
  13. Barbs -- ditto ^^..........beautiful! please let us know colors

  14. Call me crazy, but I'm in love...:love: Although I guess with the flap tucked in it could look a bit Christmas-y.
  15. Hi Gmel and MrsSparkles! I brought the bag a few years ago so I can no longer remember their colors. The leather is Clemence the darker grey is the graphite (not sure about the name) which was introduced a few years ago, the taupe looks like the color reintroduced recently and I have no idea abot the cream color... so sorry :Push:
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