tricky question about condition of Kate Moss Topshop item that I received

  1. okay, so if anyone has seen the American Vogue with all the models wearing the Gap white shirts on the front, there is an article in the magazine about Kate Moss's new Topshop collection. I saw her wearing the sequined flapper-style dress, and wanted it.

    so I looked on eBay, and lo and behold, there was one listed in my size. the retail is 120 GBP. I paid 150 GBP.

    I received it today. the quality is beyond hideous. I'm completely appalled - and to think that I paid $370 CAD for it. I feel like crying.

    the nature of the dress is this: it looks nice from far away, but up close, once you see the actual workmanship of the dress, it is no longer impressive. it is basically black and gold diamond shaped sequins attached at each corner by black and tan coloured thread. again, the workmanship is beyond hideous.

    on top of that, there is a hole in the front of the dress where the stitching between two diamonds has come apart. I'm not sure if this happened in transit (it seemed well packaged) or if it was like this when the seller bought the dress and subsequently sold it to me.

    I'm really just upset that I paid $370 for a dress of horrible, horrible quality, and the fact that it has a hole in it. of course, the dress looked perfect in the magazine, and the seller posted no pictures of the dress, only the picture from the Kate Moss Topshop website.

    I just feel like I've been robbed. what horrible false advertising on the part of Vogue, and potentially the seller! I'm really hating fashion right now.

    is there any way that I could file a claim of some sort?

    I'm not sure what I can do at this point.

    my last resort would be to dress up as a flapper at Halloween, and use the dress as part of a very, very expensive Halloween costume.

  2. i recently read in a magazine that they were issues with the quality of the kate moss' range and some of the people they interviewed were very dissapointed with the craftmanship.
    you might be able to contact topshop, if the quality of the clothes is an issue (and seems that you are not the only person feeling that way) they are a big chain in the UK so they would have returns policy.
    have you considered writing to vogue too?
    the only problem is,as the dress was sold on eBay and using stock photos it could be argued you didn't bought the genuine article.
    you could enter a "item not as described" dispute with the seller on eBay describing the condition of the dress (holes,bad craftmanship) and you might get your money back. take photos to back your argument.
    good luck
  3. thanks for responding, pukasonqo. : )

    I'll keep you posted.
  4. please do. i hope that one way or another you get your money back!
  5. I don't think there's anything Topshop can do for you personally, but it is a good idea to email them anyway and tell them about how poor the quality of the Kate Moss collection is, just so they know (if they don't already) that people shouldn't be paying this much money for cheap craftsmanship.

    I would also file an "Item not described" on eBay/PayPal. You might have a good chance of getting your money back since PayPal is known to side with buyers much more than sellers. Also, it doesn't help the seller's case since they only posted stock photos and not actual photos of the dress. Just remember to save the photos the seller put on their website in case they happen to take it down and take photos asap of the dress you have so that the seller can't argue that you wore the dress, etc. etc.

    Keep us posted and good luck!
  6. Topshop quality is not the best most of the time,(sorry I know it's really popular and don't want to offend anybody who loves TS), but their stuff is not cheap and for the price I'd expect better quality; the KM stuff was even worse. It looked great on the website and in the mags but IRL it was pretty poorly made, fabrics were awful and so on.....
    Hope you'll manage to sort something out

  7. I too heard that the quality of her clothing line is horrible. And honestly, what you see in a magazine isnt always truthful. That is why they have editors and photshop. Even the models you see do not REALLY look like that in person!!!

    So in truth, the quality of the dress you received may be in fact, legit. It may just be a horrible designer making horrible quality clothing.

    I really dont know what you should do. If you are unhappy with it, then contact the seller and go from there.

    What is their return policy?

  8. The quality of the clothes is appalling as is the sizing, so small fitting!
  9. thanks everyone for responding - I really appreciate it.

    I guess I was just really shocked when I got the Kate Moss item because I had bought a lot of Viktor & Rolf H&M clothing off eBay, and the stock pictures and magazine pictures were always the same, quality-wise, as the item I received.

    anyone who has bought from any of the collaborative H&M collections would probably attest to the craftmanship of the clothing. it is truly phenomenal for H&M.

    thus, based on that, I wrongly assumed that this collaborative collection between Kate Moss and Topshop would result in clothing of top notch (for a mass retail store) quality.

    boy, was I wrong.

    I've decided that first I will call the Topshop flagship store in Oxford Circus where the dress is from and ask to speak to a manager. I will kindly express my disappointment with the product, and inquire about their return policy. if the seller doesn't come through with a refund, at the very least, I could potentially send it back to Topshop and get a refund from them. I (only) paid 30 GBP more than the retail price of the dress, as I mentioned in an earlier post. I would lose some money, but at least not all of it.


    eBay is fabulous when things are going fabulously for you, but when things are going poorly they really just suck. there's no "in between" I think. does anyone feel the same way?

    also, I will likely file an "item not as described" claim with eBay. I agree that there would be a strong possibility of a refund via this avenue.

    thanks again, everyone, for replying. often times, I find I post, but nobody ends up replying. it makes me feel silly.

    so again, thanks, and I'll keep everyone posted.

    : )
  10. I was wondering, regarding H&M.

    I havent been in the lower 48 for almost 4yrs.:sad: I havent even been near an H&M store for way more then that.

    Last time I ever went into an H&M store, I though the quality of the clothing was horrible:yucky: In fact I used to refer to it as disposable clothing :oh:

    Has the quality of it changed in recent years?

    I think I will be in for a shock when it comes to "real shopping" when we finally leave this state!!
  11. I would take some photos of the dress that you have received as well, especially where the stitching has come undone.

    Topshop won't be able to do anything as you purchased this from ebay and not a store.

    Have you emailed the seller stating the damage and asked for a refund (sorry if you have already mentioned this in the thread!) - if so, what did they say?
  12. Sorry but Topshop will not give you a refund. You didn't purchase it from them and no doubt you do not have the receipt

    From what I have seen of the Kate Moss collection I wouldn't purchase a single piece, it's all overpriced, poorly made, ill-fitting rubbish!
  13. ^ yep I have to agree - H&M is disposable clothing, as is TS or even Zara and Mango (although Zara Woman does have better quality and lasts). They have now opened COS here (upper class line to H&M) but I am still not impressed with the quality, sorry to say. BUT for the money you pay it is ok I think.

    TO the OP: I am sorry you are disappointed. TS isnt that great anyways and the Kate Moss range is just ridiculously overpriced. I really hope you get your money back.. sorry I can't be of any help but I think your best bet is paypal, though I would try calling TS.

    Good luck
  14. I had a bad experience the H&M stuff. I bought the purse that Karl Lagerfeld had designed. I loved it, but after using it for 2 weeks the stiching starting comming apart. I've never had a problem with any bag I've bought. Expensive or cheap.

    So I just figure now that even though an established designer (or model) makes a line for the cheaper stores, it's still just a cheaper line.