Trick Or Treaters

Jan 4, 2009
We got maybe 150 kids this year, which is very, very low for our street. Thankfully we bought less than we normally do, but we have a bunch of candybars left over. We don't even really eat candybars, so I don't know what to do with them.


Jul 10, 2008
Our neighborhood is weird, we either get bombarded or we have a super low turnout. We have a great location, lots of families with children, and we're one of the "popular" local trick or treat 'hoods, so I think it depends on: what night Halloween falls on, and what other neighborhood/community events are happening. Some years we end up with leftover candy and others we have to turn out the lights after a couple of hours!


Apr 16, 2012
In my neighborhood, all the houses here are very spread out from each other and have long driveways, many of these houses have security gates, too. Because of how far each house is, we haven't gotten any Trick or Treaters here for 10 years. I guess that's good for my family though, we won't have to worry about wasting money on candy and dealing with those kids.

We just got a new neighbor recently, and their kids are rather young. I feel sorry for them. I'm sure they were looking forward to doing trick-or-treating this year.
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