Trick or Treat (Treat!!!) at LV

  1. I'm supposed to be on a bag ban but I managed to let go of a few unused bags and replenish my bag budget. SO today I decided to go and get myself a Black Neo Cabby (sigh!). I've been looking at this bag since the first ad came out but didn't get to see one IRL until a few days ago (yes, a little late, I know..). I was pretty sure I wanted the MM but they didn't have it in the boutique. They did have the GM - I tried it and it was :heart:!!! I didn't really expect it to work since I'm pretty petite (5'2") but I love the size! I also promised myself I would NEVER EVER buy anything in monogram denim but today I eat my words!!! I totally love the slouchy look, and the color is just perfect!

    My only problem is the strap:sad: I can wear it crossbody (barely, as I'm ready to give birth any minute), but I'm not a crossbody-bag type of person. My SA couldn't tell me if the strap for the MM is available for purchase. Does anyone know if there are MM straps available in stores?

    I had a post a few weeks ago asking for suggestions for a diaper bag, bought the Naviglio but ended up returning it as I got quite a few diaper bags as presents. So I used the store credit for a few other goodies which I will post soon:jammin: (I probably should have saved it for the Neo Cabby...hahaha)
  2. I don't think the strap is available for seperate purchase yet... I dunno. Don't quote me on it. Perhaps call 866 tomorrow and ask?

    Can't wait to see pics of the other things you purchased!
  3. pic please....& model the Fab bag as well.
  4. Thanks John. I'll try to give them a call. I'm almost tempted to go to my local leather shop and have them shorten the strap (I know, most of you will be like :wtf:)
    I'll post my new things in a bit. I've secretly been accumulating new things over the last month and I don't want to pass out when I see them all together - haha.

    Sorry, no modeling pics! I am too HUGE. Maybe after I've given birth? (I must say - thanks to all those who DO post modeling pics! They're really a big help when trying to decide on a new purchase!)
  5. ya, i'd like to see the pics
  6. cant wait to see pics!
  7. I bought my MM when I was pretty hugely pregnant too. You're going to love her!!!
  8. Ok - here are some (not too great) pics of my new Neo Cabby (GM). I got my 4 year-old to do the modeling.
    DSC01061.jpg DSC01064.jpg DSC01065.jpg
  9. Congrats on your lovely Cabby! What a sweet & obliging model you have there! He looks so angelic holding his toy & toting your bag :angel:.
  10. And here are the rest of my goodies:wlae:
    I'm pretty much a classics girl so I've been trying to round out my collection.
    This month, I added on: Damier Speedy 30, Accessories Pochette in Damier azur, mini pochette in Damier Azur, my new beautiful keyring (didn't even ask what it's called), and a monogram shawl in Chocolate :yes:
    DSC01050.jpg DSC01051.jpg DSC01052.jpg DSC01053.jpg
  11. Some updated pics of most of the LVs in my current collection (too lazy to bring the rest out)

    My 2 speedy 30s (Damier and Monogram)
    My Pochettes (back epi, monogram, damier azur, mini in damier azur)
    My Petite Noes in Epi (moccha and red)
    Small accessories (Pochette wallet in Vernis, card holder in red epi, key ring)
    My new Neo Cabby GM :yahoo:

    I think as far as LV is concerned, I am where I want to be at the moment (except for the zippy coin purse, which I am going to get sometime before Christmas - haha there is always an exception!!!). Now I need to work on my Chanel and B-bags!
    DSC01056.jpg DSC01054.jpg DSC01059.jpg DSC01060.jpg DSC01061.jpg
  12. You'll LOVE the cabby, i have the MM and its my fave at the moment. Hopefully you'll be able to do something about the long strap.
    Great collection!
  13. Great additions, love the Cabby!! And might I add, your son is sooooo cute modeling your bag!!
  14. Congratulations. You have a nice collection.
  15. the black Cabby is the best thing they've done in Monogram Denim to date :yes: congrats on your lovely Halloween treat!