TRIBUTE - photos

  1. Now that I've figured out how to work my iPhone, I can post this long overdue pic(I know, techno-challenged, tee-hee!). Here I am hamming it up with my large Tribute :p!
    Tribute.jpg Tribute modeling pic1.jpg Tribute modeling pic2.jpg Tribute modeling pic3.jpg
  2. Very nice bag indeed, congrats! You look great!
  3. I love that bag. :drool:Congrats.:yahoo: It looks great on you.:tup:
  4. You look HOT!
  5. Looks great! Are those Prada boots?
  6. Tres chic, Scholastican...
    That bag looks fabulous on you !!

  7. BagAngel! My namesake(I remember you from that very controversial "So I was really annoyed when I saw a 10yr old carrying a designer purse" or something entitled like that...)! You were ever so kind back then and you still are now. Good to hear from you again :yes:...THANKS!
  8. Hi Nanaz, Sammydoll, Travelbliss! Thanks so much! I love it but haven't taken her out yet...still waiting for the matching continental wallet :sweatdrop:.

    Hey Kablag, you've got pretty sharp eyes! I've had these Prada boots for a while and it's just so comfy. Plus I have thin legs, so the narrow calf fit is just perfect for me. Merci!
  9. You look very chic!
  10. you're not only stylish, but beautiful too
    thanks for the modeling photos!
  11. The Tribute works really well with your look in these pics! The quilted patent is such a great version because you can really dress it up or dress it down, use it more casually or when you're putting a chic look together like you have here. I love the wallet, too, you'll have to post pics when you end up bringing it home!
  12. Love it. Congrats.
  13. Cosmopolitan and Alisonanna, thanks girls! You're all stylish and such experts on chic fashion, your nice comments are so humbling :shame:.

    Thank you too Elie!

    Hi Shazam! I tell ya, it's all I can do to stop myself from buying the matching wallet right now...I keep lusting after it(and in the process totally missed the recent Saks sale, darn it!), the Downtown trolley, the Muse, and now I want a classic jumbo flap Chanel too. I think I'm going crazy, you're all so fab here in TPF and I just feel like I'm in some fun, fabulous sorority :yahoo:!
  14. Very classy, love it!
  15. Love it! Gorgeous bag.