Tribute Patchwork Bag..Who's In?

  1. So, I was just looking at this pic of the new tribute patchwork anyone on the wait list for this bag?? It looks totally crazy..but in a good way. This will definetly make some head turn. Does anyone know what this bag will retail for? Just curious to see who out there is interested in this bag.
  2. I like it. I think it looks kinda funky. I posted a thread about it before somewhere...I have no idea of the cost and would probably just assume it's a collector's piece.
  3. I am... it's gonna be one of the hottest bags made! :drool:
  4. Sorry to anyone who loves it, but its just not for me. it looks a hot mess and freaky. like some sort of science experiment gone wrong. its like LV took all of ther pieces they didnt sell or ones that didnt pass QC and mashed them into that thing. that said...Just My opinion and for those who love it- great!
  5. Nah. It's too busy for me.
  6. we had this thread yesterday..still haven't change my mine..not fan especially with the price tag for it..
  7. This bag kind of freaks me out.
  8. It is very busy looking but I am curious to touch and feel it in person
  9. I initially thought you had in mind whichbags this was composed of. XD
  10. ewww! sorry but this purse looks weird.
  11. yep, so many threads were talking about this bag...
    nay~never change my mind to love it....but again love the small orange speedy...:lol:
  12. I am not getting this bag . . . kind of reminds me of a sci fi flick with stuff metamorphisizing into other stuff :nuts:
  13. I'm not. There are lots of other bags that suit me better.
  14. Sorry, I don't like it at all.
  15. Not a fan of it....too busy for me!