Tribute - Navy or Black patent?

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  1. Hi, I'm going to get a medium Tribute and can't make up my mind between Black or Navy patent. I love both and wear blue & black just as often... What do you think? Is the Navy just too close to Black?? Thanks!!
  2. I have seen the downtown in Navy and it is a fabulous color!

    It is very unique and it may get lots of attention from people trying to figure out if it is a black or navy bag.

    It's a tough choice! :yes:

    I would go with the navy because I have a black patent Mby MJ bag and other black bags.

    Let us know what color you decide to get! :smile:
  3. Navy patent - I tried a medium downtown on at NM and it's just an amazing color :tup:. It's sooooo dark it looks black at first but then you can tell it's navy. It's such a striking bag.

    I was going to get navy but I found a purple patent downtown and, well, I'm enjoying my purple bag sooooooooooooooooo much! You can't go wrong with YSL's patent bags :wlae:.
  4. navy for sure.

    the color is SO delicious, and when you think about it, you'll surely fall in love with another black patent bag in your lifetime.
  5. So I went back today and played with both for a while. I ended up walking away with the Black... For some reason, the Navy had a tint of purple in it (eggplant) in certain shading... It was a very, very hard choice (and they only had 1 of each, and the Navy also was more beat up than the black since it was the display, which played a role in the decision as well). BUT I splurged and also got a Medium Muse in Navy Patent Croc (which is definitely a true navy!). I was so tempted to do the Navy Tribute, but I figured one of each color for variation is best :smile: heheh...
  6. Congratulations! :woohoo:

    Please post pics!!!
  7. Great buys! Have fun with your bags!
  8. Thank you, gr8heart and yslalice -- I will post pics soon! :smile: I'm psyched and seriously addicted to YSL!
  9. Navy, love it!
  10. I know how you can get addicted to YSL! Can't wait to see your pictures! Congrats on your fabulous purchases~
  11. Congratulations on your new love and welcome to the YSL addicts page, haha!