Tribute in Quilted Patent or Regular Patent?

  1. So I was browsing through NM online today and saw that YSL offered the Tribute tote in Regular Patent for significantly less than the quilted ($1195 vs $795). Which one do you all think is better?

    I prefer buying bags that are timeless and I'm wondering which one I should get now. I already ordered the quilted patent but the price of the regular one is making me think twice.

    Any advice??
  2. I took a look at the plain patent, and I greatly prefer the quilted patent. I think that the quilted patent really makes the bag and also gives it some distinction. The plain version is still lovely, but it looks more basic. I also think the quilted is the classic version of this bag and that alone gives it the edge, in my mind, in terms of longevity.

    But in the end you should go with what feels right to you. If you really don't have any preference between the two and could put that $400 difference towards something else, then maybe the plain patent is a good choice for you.
  3. DEf quilted!
  4. I agree, definitely quilted. The smooth patent version is too plain and I never cared for it. The Tribute tote didn't really catch on until YSL came out with the quilted version--and all the celebs started carrying it.