tribute fans

  1. does anyone have a large tribute in Ivory? I haven't seen this out there and was curious what you thought about the color and bag. Is it very delicate? I've never had this light color before.
  2. Me too! I just ordered a black patent tribute on bluefly the other day.
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    I bought this bag last summer and I love it! By far it is the bag that has gotten the most compliments and I own a lot of handbags! I just ordered it in black from

    I'm very careful with my bags and I change them frequently so they don't get exposed to much wear and tear. The light color hasn't been a problem for me.
  4. thanks for the input juicy couture jen and leelee. I am so excited about this bag evenmore!
  5. You're going to love it!:tup: Let us know if you decide to buy it!