Tribute/Downtown Weights???

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  1. Anyone have any info on the weights of the large Tribute and the large Downtown YSLs??? I live in NYC and walk everywhere. Heavy bags are already such a drag before you even put anything in them. I had a Marc Jacobs bag and sold it off after less than 10 wearings because it was way too heavy. Any info on these YSL bags would be great. Thanks.
  2. I have the large Tribute bag and it is as light as a feather.:tup: So comfy and roomy. :yes:I love it.:yahoo: I can't speak for the Downtown bag though.:nogood:
  3. I got the Downtown after trying both the tribute and the downtown and they are both very light unlike the Muse which I found to be unbearably heavy
  4. The quilted patent Tribute is very, very light. I also have a deerskin downtown which is quite light but definitely heavier than the Tribute.
  5. I don't own the Tribute but have the DT. It's a very light bag on its own, but obviously we don't carry empty bags...if you're not planning on loading it up to the brim you should be fine, because it's a very roomy bag!
  6. I have the large quilted Tribute and medium Downtown both in black patent. Tribute is lighter than Downtown, since it has no hardware. The Downtown is surprisingly light to start with however. I had a much loved Marc Jacobs Stella which I sadly parted with due to its was just too cumbersome. YSL really knows how to make fabulous iconic totes that are user friendly imo.
  7. The Downtown & Rive Gauche are both very light weight bags.
  8. I think they are both light bags. It will vary a bit depending on what they are made of. The tribute is definitely lighter than the downtown, but I find the downtown to be a light bag, esp in the deerskin leather.