Tribeca shoulder bag!?!

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  1. My sister in law recently got the metallic patent Tribeca shoulder bag and I LOVE IT!!!! She got it free since she took in a frayed siggie Carly. It's a perfect size for me and I love the chain handle and the zip top. So, has anyone seen these at the outlet? Have they already come and gone? I'd like to hunt one down and need some direction on where they are at on the boutique, outlet, only ebay, impossible to find timeline!
  2. They showed up sparatically through the outlets in what I think were low numbers over Thanksgiving/Black friday. I think a few have continued to pop up here and there, but nothing in major bulk based on what I've read in the shopping/outlet threads. Be sure to call your local outlet(s) as well as Dillards, Macy's, Nordstroms etc. since I imagine they would be on clearance.
  3. There's a few on ebay with tags.
  4. Yeah, back during Thanksgiving... I got one for a gift
  5. i had the pink but ended up ebaying it. was too small and plain for me. good luck finding one. im really hating coach they are sending so little to outlets that i want!!! grrr i miss "the old days" lmao
  6. There have been a few at my outlet recently. As recently as a couple days ago Jeh3v got the gold tribeca shoulder bag. I saw a hot pink one too but I already have the hot pink tribeca tote so I didn't see the point in getting the shoulder bag too. When I first saw Tribeca I thought it was soooo boring! But now it is sone of my favorite bags! I love the size, shape, and the chain handles!!! There are some on the bay and keep checking the outlets! Good luck, she really is a beautiful bag!
  7. I bought 2 of these bags around Thanksgiving at my outlet and I love them. I did still see a hot pink one at my outlet last week, so keep checking your outlet (s) and you may luck up and find one. Good luck!
  8. I did a quick google search and some showed up being sold through Amazon, Coach FP still carries them, too! Good luck and happy shopping.

    (Google Tribeca Coach Tote under'll be able to see each bag for sale and price through various vendors)
  9. Have this in the brown/khaki siggy......LOVE IT!!!