Tribeca Patent Leather or Kristin Tote??

Which One??

  • Tribeca

  • Kristin

  • Keep Tribeca

  • None, y??

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Oct 15, 2009
Hey girls, remember me with the tribeca patent issues, well, now i am paranoid and when i use it i am always wanting to be extra careful and i am thinking of returning it again for the Kristin Tote with no zipper the button closure, i posted pics of both. I have some money left over from ebay sells of some things of mine and want to know ur opinion i would save due to F&F sale at Macy's so what u think?? I know the size comparison for both is completely different both they're both totes. Also, the leathers are different. I would like a tote and have boiled it down to these two. Please be honest thanks :biggrin: If u say neither why??

Tribeca- is good to go out

Kristin- can be used for school for mini laptop and to be casual


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Jan 14, 2008
I could be biased and say go w/ But I think you should go with the Kristin, since the Tribeca started cracking on you, I would be paranoid it would happen again with a new bag [tribeca] too. I haven't seen Kristin IRL, but I love the photos I've seen of it. Kristin's a great bag too!!!
Oct 15, 2009
^^ thanks that is excatly how i feel, not that i don't love it just paranoid now, i went with hubby to the mall and i kept looking at it weird i know to make sure nothing would happen to it, luckily i have no issues with this bag right now, but i'm thinking of it future wise :confused1:


Mar 9, 2009
Oh the tribeca is beautiful, but the Kristin is so timeless. I only wish I could have either one and you are a lucky girl. I really like the Kristin closure and shape, but both are beautiful. Either way you have great taste and wear what you choose in good health and great Coach mind!:yahoo:


Team Eric
Aug 12, 2007
Kristin seems to be far and beyond a better quality bag that you won't have to worry about using. I would be so worried about the Tribeca cracking. Plus after seeing the pictures of this bag on Eva Longoria Parker & Hallie Berry- I am in love with it! Good luck deciding!
Oct 15, 2009
19coach41; thanks for the compliment & thoughts :biggrin:

I do love this bag and would like to keep her and not spend the extra money, but i had an issue on an earlier post about the bag peeling already and i was very sad about it,:sad:.

thanks girls for the thoughts!!!

to be honest, I think I rather pay the difference for a bag that will last a lot longer and i don't have to keep returning bags and not being happy with my purchase. Especially for the price of these bags this shouldn't be happening.
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Jun 3, 2006
hmmm....those are two very different's like apples and oranges...I have the tribeca tote and wish to get the kristin

I think if you are weary of the patent, then I would go with the can be used for business/school's very simple yet classy
Oct 15, 2009
^^they sure are

Hey girls thanks for the input i have made a decision today. You're not going to believe this i went to Macy's once again today to return the bag and got me the Kristen tote and guess what???

It happened to be 30%off and with the f&f sale pre-order i got it down to 341 woo hoo!!!!! it was 778 originally i am sooo a happy camper i did really well :yahoo:i know this bag will last me a long time. I'm on :cloud9:
I can't wait till i bring her home...:wondering Next week I will update u on it of course with pics ;) thanks for the help once again...