Tribal Spy vs. Black Patent


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May 24, 2007
Hi everyone! I don't post in the Fendi forum often but I've been craving a spy bag lately. I have to admit, the tribal spy caught my attention when I saw the trunk show section on

I have been eyeing the black patent on elux as well.

The only thing with the black is that I like the feel of the nappa leather on the original spy bags and I think I might miss that feeling on the patent. The tribal is nice, but I don't know if it has too much going on to be classic.

What do you people think? Or is there something else coming out really soon that I should wait for?

Thanks in advance :heart:


I have the black patent and absolutely love it. It's the most functional of all my spies because she handles the wear so well. That said, I can't say that I'm a big fan of the tribal spy. If you prefer an all-leather one, I'd go with the chocolate or cognac. In fact, I would recommend just about any OTHER color than this tribal one. Of course, these recommendations are all tribal bag unseen. Maybe it's much much better in rl. Good luck with your decision. Please post pics of your bag whichever one you do decide. :heart: :heart:
I have seen the Tribal in real life, and I do think it is just that bit too busy.

Could you keep your eye out for a matt black spy perhaps, as I just think the patent loses some of the amazing feel that the regular spy has?

I just think the classic colours would be much more pleasing longer term than the patent or the tribal :smile:
Agree with what was said before--if you are thinking of a neutral, I would get the cognac--it is fabulous. Between these two, I would probably go with the black patent, but if you are considering other brown bags, the cognac would beat black patent for me.
I would wait a bit longer before you get one and see if they bring out a complete new colour for winter 07. They are bringing out a LE Eggplant one, who knows they might bring out a normal leather spy in that colour, thats what they did with the Blueberry for the summer 07, bought out a LE Blueberry then a normal Blueberry. A plain leather spy in Eggplant would be stunning
Thank you all! It seems that I may need to do some waiting. I guess I can put the spy money toward my new birkin ticker for now :roflmfao: Always bags.

Sachi: The eggplant sounds TDF, do you have a picture of the LE? I wouldn't mind having an LE spy if it fits my style :nuts:
I have the black patent and I absolutely love it. It's one of the most unique bags I own, and I think it looks great with so many things. I also love that I almost never see anyone else with it. It's by far the spy I get the most compliments on. (And it gets checked out the most as I walk the streets here in NYC.:P)

I'm in the minority here in that I love the tribal spy... I saw it irl and thought it was lovely and a perfect bag for fall. To me, the two bags are very, very different, so I guess it kind of depends on what you're looking for. The tribal bag seems like it could be a good everyday bag in the fall and winter, while the patent can be really dressed up in a way that I think the tribal bag can't be.
^Yes I was kind of looking for a good bag I could use everyday, or well in the everyday kind of way. I guess I need to see the tribal in person to get a good idea of if I want it or not. I probably should have mentioned this but this won't be my first spy purchase. I have a chocolate brown spy and a tan colored one as well but they just seem kind of boring to me now so I was looking for something with a little more kick :smile:
Sorry for my ignorance...I was wondering though, w/the patent leather, does it scuff or scratch easily? I think that the patent spy is really stunning but I was wondering about whether it would be easy to care for
I've only had my patent bag for about a month, but it seems to me that it will wear really nicely... no scratches or scuffs. I got caught in the rain with it once already, and it was fine. It's a distressed patent leather so even if it does wear, I think it will look natural.

One of the things I love about spies is how "hearty" many of them are, and the patent leather seems to be no exception.
Thanks so much for your input, KMSNYC. I really do like the look of the patent, and now that you told me that you think its going to wear well, maybe my 2nd spy will be a patent! So many spies, so little money :shrugs: