Tribal Spy... anyone have it yet?

  1. Anyone get their hands on the tribal spy yet? I think it's really neat and different looking... the handle looks beautiful! I'm putting some serious thought into it... what do you guys think about it?
  2. I think it's beautiful and had planned on getting one. When I saw it in person, I really thought it was stunning, but just not "me" so I'm still on the fence with it.

    I'd love to see pics of you with yours if you decide to get one!
  3. My friend just bought one, she got it in Italy onsale(1700usd). She lives in VA so I haven't seen it in person but she's in love with it. Not to mention she gets stopped all day by people who want to drool over it.
    I personally think it's gorgeous!!!!!
  4. I have the baby tribal. It's cute....I think the color combination really has to match a lot of thinks in your closet, plus your personal style in order for anyone to appreciate it fully. It's for someone who likes earth tones.

    I'm still on the fence about whether I love it or not.:oh::huh::confused1:

    No doubt it is nice though!
  5. i waS IN blue water recently and saw shilpa shetty (the big brother uk winner) with a tribal spy - i was curious which spy is it and then went to nm to check it out and found it there - umm i must say i wasnt too fond of it unfortunately -
    i think its too much colour for the classy look that a spy should be able to pull off -
    i hope i had taken a pic - when i met her - :sad:
  6. First time I saw it I think I kind of liked it, but I wasn't sure if I did or not. When I saw it in real life I didn't like the handles at all, and by then I'd lost interest in it. But for the last couple of days I started looking at it again..still do NOT like the handles but I'm not sure about the colors. I like the colors but I don't know how it'll look on me as a bag. I think I'd have to try it out in a store. It is different and interesting,as some have mentioned it looks like a yummy desert. But a bag? I think I'd need to see it and try it on to finalize my opinions. I wish I could see that pic of Shilpa with it! I've only seen the model wearing in on neiman/eluxury. It'd be nice to see a real person wearing it.
  7. I didnt like it at first from the NM site but then i saw it again and I am also intrigued..i cant get it out of my mind either.....i agree how it would go with so many outfits & i do love earth tones.....and i couldnt decide btwn a black or brown spy but this bag is both so...... ahhhhh.... thats why i cant stop thinking about it too!!!!!!
  8. For those interested:
    tri3.JPG tri2.JPG tri1.JPG
  9. It looks hot on Neiman website.
  10. I actually like it, the colors are really nice together! But I wouldn't pay regular price for it. But if someone gave it to me I would rock it!
  11. i luv it! i say go for it ;)
  12. looks good to me
  13. I tried this on at Neiman's and it really looked good. I was wearing black pants and a shiny silk champagne top and the colors blended nicely with it. Hope joma gets a hold of it :smile:
  14. Yeah, I'm really into the colors of it. I love earthtones... my house is earthtones and most of my clothes are too. I'm seriously thinking about it. I think the baby spy of it would be adorable as well!!! Decisions, decisions....
  15. keep us posted!!