Triangle duffle

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  1. Anyone own the bag? I never wanted it but saw some IG photos and looks great on the owner. Anyone else have experience with it?
  2. i only have a clutch, leather is calfskin, and it's nice, thick and supple
    last weekend i saw it on a lady in the mall (black with white logo), and it looked very cool :tup:
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  3. At first, I wasn't a fan, but .. of course (and @ksuromax can attest to my Calfskin addiction!) .. I'm kinda liking it. I especially like the one that has the metal chain, but I wonder how "comfortable" that would be ..
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  4. yes, calfskin forevah!! :rochard:
    i have just found these, finally!! the long starp and NO handles!
    now i need to find a perfect colour, i'm craving for Rose Magenta :hbeat:

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  5. Whoa Momma ... is that the XS size?? WOW .. that might be just TOO small for me; guess I'll have to do the Medium size?
  6. all the bigger ones come with the sticking out handles :hysteric:
  7. I’m in!!! Was debating between this or ysl Lou Lou and I think this won. So unique

    4F47E41A-5DC3-4627-B514-08C70FD1FE6E.jpeg 190BAA2A-AE71-464A-9BA3-5488A1393DED.jpeg
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  8. Thanks. It’s really nice. Part of me feels like I should have gotten the traditional bag but how often do you get a triangle bag?
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  9. exactly!
    and this one is a true head turner!! :tup:
  10. Thanks!! That helps me feel better about my decision
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  11. I love the bag. I love the uniqueness of the bag.
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