Trials and tribulations of searching for discontinued items...

  1. Every time someone mentions something that is either discontinued or about to be discontinued, I make it my mission to search that something out.
    Ok, so I failed with the Fuschia Perforated Cles and Plate. Then, I tried again with the Indigo Vernis cles. None left. I even searched, too late, for an inclusion bracelet in the PM size, any color. ARG, nothing in North America. I even considered driving to Canada for one. I had another agenda: I'm never opposed to a weekend trip to Montreal anyway.

    Is this just me or do others do this, as well?

    On the bright side, ebay has some great Indigo vernis pieces. :drool:
  2. i know exactly how you feel. i've been on a mad hunt for seven discontinued items for the past several weeks, and i had to get most of them on eBay, because these are items that were discontinued last year :mad:.
  3. Me, too! I feel like I am always "last on the bandwagon" and I miss out when items are in the stores. I did snag a Cerise Porte Monnae Rond while it was still in stock.
  4. At this time, no, I do not feel a need to search for soon to be or discontinued items. However, I can see how it could become a game or hobby of sorts to find these items.
  5. I thought I saw on the elux site the Perfo Plate in Fuschia the other day:yes: .
    It was really pretty and I also saw the pochette also. Maybe try looking there.
  6. Lol..
    my "wish" pieces are all from quite awhile ago and I always have to deal with the dilemma of trying to outbid fellow TPF members.
    Of course, I usually DON'T bid because I'd feel bad parading around my new pieces knowing someone else from here wanted them as badly as I did.
  7. I just did that with the epi Mandarin. I have wanted a Noe in that color for a year or two now, but it was never a priority. Then it got discontinued and I still put off getting it, well it was more a lack of $$. So finally I get some extra money to spend on a bag and of course the LV here has none. I got them to check the other stores in Canada and I was able to get the last one in the country!

    Now I am thinking I want something in the Indigo Vernis, but I don't know if there is any of it left either. Of course there is always the CB and Graffiti bags that I want too along with a list of many others.
  8. I totally understand your frustration. I was like that too for the CB items and the fuchsia items. When I fell in love with those lines, they were no longer avail from the boutiques, so I had to purchase them privately (read: more money). Oh wait... I did manage to get a fuchsia reade pm from the boutique.
  9. OMG I love this thread
  10. I think there are new inclusion colours coming out, you should get on the waitlist so you don't need to drive to Canada :P
  11. Are you sure there are no indigo cles left? I just returned on on Thursday, it was too small for my needs. PM me if you want to know which store I returned it too. ;) I know, the hunt for discontinued things can be hard.
  12. A lot of people are searching for discontinued or LE items. It's a hit or miss. Sometimes you find it but it costs too much for a purchase to be justified.
  13. Ahhh yes, discontinued LV is the bane/joy of my life lol...such heartache, so many good times spent cruising ebay drooling lol.

    It's a dangerous hobby...
  14. This was a great response, lv_obsessed. Made me LOL. eBay is a sick, sick phenomenon helping to fuel our daily need to see people's LVs! I'm going to be on top of the new inclusion line. Not missing out on the bracelet this time. I have my BF on the task, so I'm ready. :P
  15. ahhhh... the thrill of the hunt.... makes these items all the more desirable :graucho: i've learnt my lesson when i didn't get a khaki Graffiti Keepall when they were still in the boutiques :noggin: ..... NEVER AGAIN!