TRIA - age defying laser...anyone try it?

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  1. But there is no replacement of battery, once the battery die you will have to dump it.
  2. Yes. It does work. It's not exactly the battery that goes dead. It's preprogrammed to only "zap" a certain number of times. Once you hit that number it locks up. Similar in analogy to an iPhone with a failed jailbreak that turns it into a "brick". This is to prevent any issues that would come from a malfunctioning laser due to wear and tear and of course because they don't want one person to buy and then continue to pass it around to others, they want those people to buy too ;) However the laser is programmed with enough zaps that it will do an entire female body plus any "touch ups" if needed. I personally have used it for my back (I'm a guy) my roommates back (also a guy) and from what I hear it's still making its rounds among drag queens lol so I guess it's not done yet! The biggest draw back to it is not the pain (though on its highest setting there is a decisive "pinch") but the time required. That being said it just takes a few weeks of dedication and you should be hair free forever. I only occasionally find a hair or two in spots I missed and that was about three years ago. Anyway considering the cost to have it done in office I would definitely say it's worth it.
  3. I think the review above may be for the hair removal Tria not the skin laser Tria...
    I just bought the eye area Tria laser and used it for the first time today. I also have an illuminage skin laser for eye and laugh lines area so i'd be interested to know if anyone has compared those two.

    I personally bought the small eye area Tria laser because the Illuminage laser's head is too big and wanted something that would help cover the under eye area better, which it does. Now that i have both i love how small the Tria is in comparison and it seems a lot less painful than the Illuminage. So far I've only used the Illuminage for like 4 days and the Tria once so i can't fully say it works but i can definitely see my face getting plumber and the skin around the eye area has filled in a bit so i look forward to seeing how things develop.

    Would love to hear if others have any other reviews and thoughts on any of these devices.
  4. I would feel comfortable with a specialist doing my laser procedures on a professional machine. Whatever they have for home treatments are weak by definition compared to the clinical machines. But they're still scary and can hurt skin.
  5. Bumping this because I'm curious abut the face and eye Tria and why can't we use the eye laser on the face?

    Also, if one goes for laser at a derm's office, what is the difference with this?

  6. Checkout the forum on essentialdayspa for some comparisons. The tria seems to be the preferred device.

    I'm considering the tria in March/April during the next sale. I wish I had heard about it before this last one
  7. I have been using the age defying laser since last Christmas. LOVE IT!!! I swear I look younger. My skin has a glow it didn't have before and my wrinkles are better. I don't expect it to rid me of wrinkles completely, it's not magic, but it does work. I emailed the company about how often to use it after the first 12 weeks and they said to take 4 weeks off and then start again. I have been doing that since Christmas of last year and don't plan to ever stop. BE SURE to start with level 1 and work your way up. It only took me 4 days or so to get to level 3 and I have had absolutely no discomfort. But it does hurt until you get used to it. Also the 4 weeks off are important to build collegen.

    BTW, I'm 62 so if it works for me then anyone younger will have agree at head start on anti aging.
  8. Are you using the big one or the eye one?

    I keep reading they break and are not repairable. Do you think you can use yours for years?
  9. The big one. I hadn't heard anything before this thread about them not lasting. I'm assuming it will still be working a year from now. I had heard that people were having trouble charging them, but I read that using your phone charger works and that's what I do. No problems.

    I use it all over my face, my neck, chest, and my hands. Even my hands look younger and I'm not joking.
  10. I want to add that my results are after a year of using this as directed 5 days a week 12 weeks at a time, although I did start noticing results after the second 12 week period.
  11. Is the product by Tria? Any side effects using this. I saw it on amazon for $450.00 for the face and one for the eye $250.
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    It's the Tria for the face. I paid $495.00 and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    My results are after a year of dedicated usage 5 days a week, 12 weeks on and 4 weeks off. I did start seeing results earlier but only minimal until after the second round, but then again I'm 62.

    Forgot to add no side effects unless you call better skin a side effect.
  13. Thanks . I will look into it.
  14. Didn't mean to repeat myself about the frequency of use. :hrmm: