Tri Micro "Modeling" Pics (LOL)


Sep 21, 2007
OK, these are NOT very good, but on Easter Sunday with twins, and being 25 pounds over my normal weight, this is the best I could do for the moment!!!
(Scuse the messy bathroom!)


The mirror looks so dirty! EEeeuw. (Hairspray) Anyway, I threw on a black sundress to see what that would look like. I wore a navy shirt and Ralph Lauren white skirt (see below) today.


This is what I really wore today. Pardon the shoes--no time for shoe shopping yet! (This bag is really more navy than black to IMO)


Threw on a bright blue top (Nation--love that brand) just to see what it would look like.

Anyway, here is a link to an album with pics of the bag and a few more ATTEMPTS at me and the bag. Will try more another time. . .


Sep 21, 2007
Gorgeous and I love your style! The bag is awesome!!!

Oh Good Lord--my style is frantic overweight mom on-the-run! I actually have some great clothes and a sense of style, but this is NOT an accurate representation of that! This was more to show people a QUICK look while my twins were napping what a Micro looks like on a 5ft 3in person in what I could grab from my closet that would fit me! But thanks!

HeathJo - you look really great!! Thanks for the modelin pictures - the bag is truly stunning and this tri is really a great neutral!

The bags is the model, and I am the accessory. I appreciate the comments :smile:

Heathjo, congrats on receiving the bag!!! U look great with it!

I got my tri-nano over the weekend too... :P

Yay!!! Is it this same exact color combo? I had no idea they made a Nano! Now YOU have to post modelling pics--please, take attn away from these!

It looks lovely on you. This combo is amazing.
That is sweet of you to say. Spring has sprung and I am not ready, but all this is a good motivator to get my body and wardrobe in shape!

Congrats HeathJo!! You finally found the micro. It's very beautiful!! Where did you buy it from?

Oh gosh, it is a long story (shocker!) and I posted a link to it in the thread about the Micro Demi-reveal. It came from Bob Ellis Shoes originally.

thanks for the pictures! lovely tri micro!!

Thanks--your stamo of approval means a lot :biggrin: