tri-colour it..

  1. haiaihhhhh

    here a pic on my last bag.... :nuts::yahoo::wlae::party:
    love it.....angel2307:heart::heart:

    tri colour 35cm ostrich birkin DOVE GREY / GRAPHITE / BLACK....
  2. OMG :drool: !!!!!!!!!!!
    More details ...pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase
  3. It's absolutly stunning! Perfect!:nuts:
  4. oh that is just super. action shots!!!
  5. YAY!! We finally got to see the picture!! WOO HOO!!!!


  6. that is gorgeous, congrats!
  7. What a great bag. Use it in good health.
  8. The bag is so gorgeous. Congratulations angel2307.
  9. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
  10. What a cutie
  11. Oh wow! That is so gorgeous!!!
  12. Wow...that's amazing. The colors are so beautifully complimentary without too much contrast. :heart::heart:
  13. That is gorgeous! I saw a tricolor ostrich kelly in the same color combo the other day and it's really stunning IRL
  14. Drop dead gorgeous!!
  15. Yummy! Can you take more pics, pretty please?