Tri-color Hac 28cm

  1. Hi all

    HAC 28 cm (raisin, brick(?), havanne(?)) togo and PHW.

    I am usually not a fan of tricolor bags but this combination reminds of a rich autumn...

    Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. She looks really good IRL but the flash kinda distorted the colours - much richer and deeper in IRL
  2. she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Love that color combo!!! Congratulations!!!!!:love::love:
  3. Angie!!! Did you buy her????? Is this yours??????? oh lordy, she's a beauty!
  4. 28cm HAC.......Angie, do you have the measurements????
  5. Goodness, if I ever see this Hermes IRL in the boutique, I will drop in a dead faint....( after grabbing the bag first!!)

    Congratulations, on a gorgeous combination in an HAC!!
  6. Beautiful color combinations! Enjoy it!
  7. Gorgeous Bag !!!
    Such a great color combinatation !!!!
    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Shopmom, according to a page in one of the supercatalogs the dims are H24xW27xD14.

    Is it a safe assumption that the catalog was off a cm and it is actually 24x28x14?
  9. that combo is just gorgeous! lovely!

    can you share more pics???
  10. Big Congrats!Enjoy this beauty!!!!
  11. Is this your new HAC?...the colors are beautiful!
  12. Very nice!
  13. wow! she is pretty. very different with the colours.

  14. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!

    pazt girl - that bag would be perfect for u!! it's got the brown AND RAISIN that ur looking for...ALL IN ONE!!!
  15. Wow! I have never seen anything like it! Did you SO it?