Tri-color Epi Petit Noe


IG : balengirl
Aug 24, 2010
Hi, does anyone have information regarding this bag ? I saw on a magazine last month. But until today, i can't find it at my local LV, and also no info at web. I asked my SA and she said she doesn't have any idea about this. So, does this bag really exist ? Or am i just dreaming ? Appreciate all inputs. Thanks..
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Will it be only in petit noe ? I think petit noe is a bit to small for me.. Maybe other design for this tri color ? I know they have in eden, but i don't really like it..
Hi balen girl
R u from singapore?
i just enquired with the store yesterday,that in oct,the tri col will be availablr.
But no news of the single col.
Like u im looking at the fuchsia and indigo.just realised that it wilk not come in figue i wish there is a waitlist or some sort that i can be assured of a piece!