Trevis GM +++

  1. Bonjour all!

    Finally I found the time to drop by LV store this afternoon to do some self-pampering :graucho:since my baby is due in 2 weeks time!:yahoo:

    Anyway, got myself..
    • Trevis GM - I need a spacious bag for my hospital bag and of course as a diaper bag.
    • Mono Saumur - my first messenger bag.. Need a hands-free bag when going out with my baby alone.
    • And finally..I'm also including my Mono Deauville which I got a month ago, in this picture.. - planning to use it as a cabin bag when travelling..especially great to store baby's stuffs due to the interior.
    Okay..I'm sounding like I'm justifying myself each time..hehe..:p
    I can't believe how much I'm in :heart: with Trevis.. It's the first Damier that really caught my attention!:nuts:
    Oh yes, I got to highlight that pics of Trevis don't do much justice.. It's even much beautiful IRL.. :yes:But I'm just too tired now to take a perfect pictures..

    Anyway, enjoy the eye candy..:wlae:
    DSC03182.JPG DSC03185.JPG DSC03194.JPG DSC03197.JPG
  2. congrats on all your goodies!!! and also an advanced congrats with the baby!

    love the trevi gm!
  3. The Trevi is adorable! And I really like that Mono Deauville, too. It must be perfect when travelling with a baby. Congrats on having them all!! :smile:
  4. I LVOE IT!!! Haven seen 1 IRL (Trevi) but im sure its georgeous.. Maybe u wanna treat the vachetta with apple guard since ur baby is coming soon. My sis in laws baby is destructive and her Neverfull looks horrible.. BUt still we love her to bits n pieces..
  5. Congrats you have a great collection...
  6. LOVE THEM ALL! Congrats!:tup:
  7. Congrats on your purchase.

    So excited for your baby. :nuts:
  8. Thanks ladies.. for the well wishes and - chpwhy, for the advise..:smile:
    Gosh.. I can't concentrate now.. My obst just called to say I need to be induced this Sun! I'm excited but feel so unprepared..
    Gotta go and prepare my hospital bag now..

    Enjoy your weekends all! :smile:
  9. Love your bags. Would love to see modeling pics of the Trevi GM. Congrats!!
  10. The collection is beautiful and Congrat!!!the Trevi is tdf!!!
  11. Congrats and good luck with your baby:heart:
  12. Beautiful - great selection! Congrats on the big day fast approaching!!!
  13. you just gotta love trevi and deuville!
  14. Congrats on the bags and the baby!!!
  15. The Trevi and Deauville, are 2 of my FAVORITE bags!