Treviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Love it ;)

  1. Just got her today ;) the last one :graucho:
    Front 1.JPG Front 2.JPG side 3.JPG up 4.JPG inside 5.JPG
  2. gorgeous bag! congratulations!
  3. very pretty :smile: Congrats!
  4. She goregous. Congrats
  6. it's lovely is it the PM?
  7. Thanks!! btw it's the pm
    Mod 1.JPG Mod 2.JPG Mod 3.JPG Mod 4.JPG
  8. great bag, congrats!
  9. Completely beautiful bag! looks so good on you.
  10. Wow, really cute and gorgeous on you Cilifene! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful bag, and you wear it very well!!! I didn't think much of this bag before but it's now on my wishlist after seeing all the modeling pics!
  12. Really great bag! Super :smile:
  13. Congrats!!So this bag today and i love it but before i buy want to see the berkeley.Nice modelling pictures
  14. That's the first one I've seen! It's gorgeous and it looks fab on you! Congrats!
  15. beeeuuuutttiiifffuuulllll :yes:

    great ... now I gotta have one too ...:drool:

    looks gorgeous on you btw.