May 16, 2007
Hey all I am not usually in this forum but I was looking around and am afraid I have become obsessed with the damier trevi:girlsigh:.....What are the sizes, Prices and will it be difficult to locate?? TIA :smile:
Aug 13, 2007
North Jersey
I'm also in Jersey and have been waitlisted for PM almost since the day it came out. Theres NONE in the USA right now. I called a couple nights ago. All they can say is "maybe you should go to your local boutique and waitlist for it" ugh...I'm so tired of waiting for this bag. But it's soooo nice I don't want to use the money I've saved for something else...but it's getting hard. I think the GM is much easier to get your hands on. They had it at Short Hills the last time I was there. Good luck finding the bag....Hope you have better luck than I've had.