trevi zipper pull flaking?

  1. has this happened to anyone? mine is flaking.. good thing its not on the center of the zipper pull though, its near the hole attached to the main pull so its not that noticable.. i don't think i'll return this one coz i already made an exchange bec. the canvas is not aligned.. and in the future it might happen again. so i'm thinking, i'll just keep using it and if the day comes that it already used and abused (the zipper pull) then i'll just change the hardware..what do you guys think? thoughts anyone?
  2. :wtf: if the paint are peeling off, I'd ask the store to exchange if not the trevi, at least the hardware. Had LV pay more attention at the quality control, you wouldn't even have to make the first exchange. Let us know how it turn out :flowers:
  3. thanks classic chic i guess its worth a try. just a question though, how long is the warranty for the hardware? i had my pomme agenda re-stitched for free after around 6 months from purchase..
  4. LV warrants their leather goods and bags for 12 months from purchase. Use to be a lifetime but that changed many, many years ago, once LV began mass production.
  5. that's too bad about your trevi. i think LV will have no problem exchanging the purse again. it's not your fault. i hope you are able to rectify the situation. keep us posted.
  6. no problem! LV's hardware have 1 yr warranty from purchase.
  7. i hope they can just replace the zipper pull, there's a looong waitlist for trevi here in manila so i doubt they'd prioritize me if i opt for an exchange. thanks everyone.. i wanna kick myself right now.. i was at the store last night and i brought my trevi, i should've asked them to look at it then and there.. aargh..
  8. thats so weird
  9. can you post a pic? I want to see if that happens to my friend's Trevi as well.
  10. Although it might be easier to live with the zipper pull, and exchange it in the future, in the long run, it means 'L.V' gets away with substandard quality control. If no one complains, then they won't go back to their superior workmanship.

    I would definitely take it back and make them change the hardware.

  11. ^^^ Good point ... I'd definitely exchange it for another one!
  12. ok before i march to LV please take a look at this picture and see if i'm over-reacting.. thanks!!!
    (its on the top portion of the zipper pull, near the hole, on both sides. can you see it?)

  13. ohhh i do see what you mean...hmm, i guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

    my trevi's a bit almost looks a bit blue, but i assume it's from wear and tear...
  14. i'm thinking if its from wear and tear too.. but it flaked right before my eye, not scratching on anything.. the gold flake just fell from the zipper, and i've only used it a few times.. i use my tod's miky for everyday.. but i'm thinking though, if eventually its gonna be like this.. should i even bother?
  15. Has anybody had problems with their Trevi? I just bought mine. Question, do you like the Trevi more than the Tivoli GM?