Trevi... to buy or not to buy????

  1. been lusting over trevi pm for a month now.... but I really can't decide if it is a very practical bag for evryday use Im a 25 year old mom running errands all the time but the thing is that the trevi pm is very expensive to get here in manila... Its always been hard for me to take very expensive bag out for everyday use... help... you opinions:angel: will be of big help...
  2. i'm 23 and find that the trevi is a pretty good every day bag. I've used it practically everyday since october and it still looks new...i haven't babied the bag, although I do tend to try and not abuse goes everywhere with me - grocery shopping, on the subway...and (unfortunately) it has sat on a washroom floor (of course i made sure it was a clean area) and it hasn't shown very much wear and tear, except a bit on the zipper.

    if you have a young child and were planning to use the shoulder strap i would be a bit careful as i found the strap stretched a bit when i used it, so i only carry it in the crook of my arm. Hence - if the shoulder strap is one of the deciding factors i wouldn't suggest the trevi as it will wear out and not look as nice sitting against the purse (when you use it as hand-held).

    hope that helps!
  3. I think it's the perfect bag that's screaming your name!

    It's great because of the shape, the removable strap, and the chic look it has!
  4. Great bag - I think you would really enjoy it :smile:
  5. I have and adore this bag. It would totally suit your needs.
  6. i'm your age this comming june, and Trevi fits your bill perfectly! It can be hand held or shouler, all season/weather Damier, zipped top that opens nicely :yes:
  7. First off, LOVE your member name ..... Lvdiva as mine is LV Diva.

    *HeHe* Great minds think alike.

    Anywho, I think the Trevi is the *PERFECT* bag and it sounds like it will definitely work for you.

    I love the fact that it can be handheld or worn over the shoulder .... thats always a plus. :tup:

    I say go for it!!

    It sounds perfect for you!
  9. I like the way it looks. But when I had a look at the store the opening wasn't wide enough for me. I had to really stuggle to put my hand in/out of the purse. That was a no for me. Although I like how it looks.
  10. I wouldnt even give this a second thought....BUY!!! The trevi is TDF!
  11. Not sure what's your height, but here's a link to my Trevi GM :flowers: The opening don't scratch my hand at all, feels the same as if it's my Azur speedy 30.
  12. A definite buy!

    I totally get you on how everyday bags shouldn't be that pricey. But its really classy looking and can match many outfits easily.

    I'm on the waitlist and its killing meeeeeeeeeeeee... :wtf:
  13. I think the trevi pm is a great bag and it's gorgeous. It will quickly become a classic. However, I just sold mine and purchased a hamstead mm because I am also a mom of small children with one on the way. I just couldn't see myself using it at all with a baby. I needed something that I could get my hands in really easy like the hamstead, bh or neverfull.
  14. get it... lovely bag.
  15. Definitely buy! The bag is gorgeous! You said "Its always been hard for me to take very expensive bag out for everyday use", well this bag would be the solution. It's a great allweather bag cause it has no vachetta. I use mine almost everyday, I even use it in the rain with no hard done (I'm 18).