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  1. trevi pm, tivoli gm, azur speedy 30.....which one!!?? ahh for some reason im having such a hard time deciding! i finally decided on the tivoli gm...but then i saw a girl the other day with a patinad azur speedy and i fell in love :nuts: but then something also takes me back to the trevi. i guess because its so worry free - although i do generally like mono better....
    soo guys...please help!!
  2. They are all great choices, but since it will be spring soon my vote goes to the azur speedy. I go back and forth between that and the tivoli though myself.
  3. I vote for Trevi PM! It's such a beautiful bag :P
  4. i vote for the trevi too ......
  5. Personally the Trevi. But I love my Azur Speedy as well.
  6. Trevi is my favorite LV of all time - and I've had many over many years. It's a wonderful bag!
  7. I love my Trevi and I love my azur speedy! But with spring on it's way I would go for the azur speedy! You can get Trevi for next winter! Or to make it even more difficult: have you seen the pics of the new damier Verona? It's gorgeous too!
  8. trevi! (most likely b/c im lusting after it at the moment, eheh... i already have the other two! :smile:)
  9. trevi!
  10. I have the tivoli pm trevi pm and azur speedy 25, love them all! Trevi wins hands down- all around perfect bag. Tivoli is gorgeous but bit smaller in size than Trevi. But also with summer coming Azur would be sweet for summer days.....maybe get Azur now and Trevi in autumn?? all 3 are gorgeous though. good luck
  11. Trevi is the bag equivalent of 'beauty and brains'. Its beautiful and practical. Also, it's not as common as the others. I recommend it :yes:
  12. I just got an Azur Speedy and she is gorgy! Get a Speedy!!
  13. tivoli GM :heart::heart:
  14. speedy
  15. I love the trevi... so versatile!!
    But since it'll be s/s for you soon.. maybe get the azur speedy first!!!