Trevi PM Waitlist?? - MOCA Rond!!

  1. OK...So I've been on this waitlist for the Trevi PM forever it seems. Has anyone else been waitlised and been called? I called around all the LV's in Jersey and NYC the other day and there are none in stock. I guess I could try the 866 but I haven't even tried it on yet so I don't think that's a good idea. I'm 6th. on my local LV's waitlist. I've saved the money and am getting really impatient. Now, we have this whole MOCA craze going on and I even thought about flying out to LA to pick up the Neverful MM. The truth is that I'm not even that crazy about the Neverful. So today I went ahead and took $400.00 out of my Trevi savings and bought a rond on eBay. The whole LE thing has bitten me bad. But truthfully $400.00 or actually $413.00 for a rond is crazy. I think I need :noggin: . Now I'm short $400.00 for my Trevi and with my luck I'll get the call this week. Sorry for the rant...But seriously, anyone else waitlisted and have been called for this bag. I've been so anxious and wondering if they are going to put some out anytime soon. :wondering
  2. Ack, eBay prices are crazy.
    But at least you're getting one.
  3. Wow.. I didn't even know the Trevi was a w/l item? When I was in Toronto, they had a few and I didn't hear anything about them being on hold?!
  4. omgg i agree
    the prices on eBay are crazyy high!!!
  5. Awww... don't worry. You'll find a way to get that money back in time for the Trevi's arrival!

    Congrats on the Rond btw. ;)
  6. Yes...The Trevi is permanent and the rond isn't. But geesh....I want to see the Trevi PM so bad even if I can't buy it right away. I just want to know if it's as nice as I think it may be. Yeah I got the rond!! ($400.00 :wtf:) & John you're right I'm already adding funds to the depleated pot!! lol