Trevi PM vs. Galliera Pm...

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  1. I have the Galliera Pm and was wondering how that compares to the Trevi Pm as far as comfort. I am asking because I would like to get a bag in Damier Ebene but am not sure if I should special order the Galliera PM because I know that it is comfortable or get the Trevi PM which I don't know will be as comfortable. Please help. Thanks,
  2. Trevi is superb!well I do feel comfortable carrying it.
  3. If you can, I would check it out and try it on at a store. I like the trevi a lot, but some people think it's heavy, also other's have said that the PM size opening is hard to get in and out of. I think it's a gorgeous bag, I'd go for it in a heartbeat, but I think your best bet would be to take a look at it if you can. HTH, good luck with your decision!
  4. The Trevi is absolutely wonderful!
  5. galliera!!!!
  6. definitely galliera...for both look AND comfort
  7. I have both bags and the Galliera PM feels lighter than the Trevi PM to me. It can smush closer to the body as well. I love both bags but I wear the Galliera more because of the smush factor. Hope that helps.
  8. I agree that the galliera is lighter than the trevi. Both look gorgeous though. Since you don't have a bag in damier ebene, get the trevi.
  9. I love both bags and hope to have them both some day. Since you already have a Galliera PM, I would get the Trevi PM in Damier to diversify your collection. You might find that you use them for different purposes.
  10. Galliera. I prefer slouchy chic than the structured look of Trevi. It's definitely more lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  11. I've owned both and by far, I prefer the Trevi. The Galliera felt like a 'sack' on my shoulder. I much prefer the structure of the Trevi. Also, as the Trevi can be carried in hand, and by shoulder, I find it to be the more flexible/diverse bag as well.
  12. I love my Trevi PM. So if you already have the mono Galliera I would get Trevi without a doubt!
  13. I'd get the Trevi - it's comfortable to carry ! It will be slightly heavier than the galliera though, but the look is much different ! :yes:
  14. Trevi it is...Thanks for all your help. Diversify was the key word.