trevi pm Vs galliera pm

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  1. Hi guys,

    Need some help here.
    I really like the trevi pm & galliera pm, but cant decide on which. So i will let you guys decide for me =] hehe
  2. galliera pm
  3. Good choices! Do you like the Azur or Ebene better? There's your answer!
  4. Galliera!!! I'm not a fan of Trevi unfortunately.
  5. Trevi PM
  6. i love both! but i think i love trevi more...the damier ebene is so worry free!!!
  7. Trevi PM -- love it!
  8. Trevi ! It's weather resistant, you can carry it two ways (handheld or shoulder) and it can easily go from work to casual. :yes:
  9. Trevi!
  10. Galliera in mono.
    Otherwise the Trevi!
  11. I had this same dilemma but if you want a more structured bag, go with Trevi. I love it!
  12. Galliera!! Love this bag:heart:
  13. The Trevi, It's one of my favorite LV looks. Plus you can carry it 2 ways. Soo cute!!
  14. :heart: TREVI :heart:
  15. galliera!