Trevi pm verses the Tivoli pm

  1. Hi everyone

    Was wondering which is nicer, the Trevi pm or Tivoli pm.

    Have only seen pictures of them because I am not near a botique, and have to order my L.V. goods.

    I am also wondering about the 'Le Superbe' in the Suhali.

    Any help would be great.


  2. Well, I think they are both really nice, it just depends on your preference. Trevi PM has no vachetta, and it can be worn on the shoulder. Tivoli PM is a bit more relaxed IMO, and it's a hand-held bag (unless you're tiny). Do you prefer Damier or Monogram?
  3. I actually just recently purchased both of these bags. I ended up returning the Tivoli. The Trevi is so gorgeous!! Not having the vachetta is wonderful as it makes it an all weather bag. Shoulder or hand held bag is also a great option. But as the poster above me has alot to do with whether or not you like mono or damier. Two great picks...good luck deciding!!

    One more thing. The Trevi is much heavier than the Tivoli. The Tivoli is a very light bag and much smaller in size.
  4. I prefer the Trevi PM because I like damier better and I like how it's large enough to be shoulder-held.
  5. I LOVE the Trevi so much and I'm not a damier fan! This will definitely be my next bag!
  6. i like the trevi beacuse there is not vachetta and can be handheld or shourldered
  7. i have the same dilemma. i need to go look at both irl.. they are always all gone when i go to the boutique!
  8. Both are really nice bags... the Trevi pm is more elegant & sophisticated while the Tivoli pm is more casual, better for spring/summer I think. It's true that Trevi is a pretty heavy bag once loaded. It was love at first sight for me with the Trevi and I absolutely love mine.
  9. I am not a fan of Damier so the Trevi is not really my cup of tea. The Tivoli is soft and very feminine IMO. It reminds me of the delicate pleats on the Stephen or the Kirsten which are two of my favorite bags. Also I love the size and I am a hand held girl. I own a Stephen and thought I would love having the option to carry a bag two ways, but the shoulder strap usually just gets carried in my hand, rather than on my shoulder or it just hangs. I prefer the Tivoli hands down.
  10. I just love the tivoli pm! I think it is one of the most feminine shapes I have seen in a bag in a while!
  11. My heart falls for Tevi PM the first time I had my eyes on her. :tender:

    I like the fact that it's versatile enough to be both a handheld and a shouldered bag. It also looks durable and clasic at the same time. And I bet, you have plenty of room to put your stuff in.
  12. Hi,

    Thanks everyone for replying.

    The delema is that both bags are on back order at all three reachable boutiques in my area last time I called.

    Patience is one of my strengths in everything but my L.V. acquisitions.

  13. my boutique is out too, i can't even compare them@!
  14. For a shoulder bag you should compare the Tivoli GM not the PM the PM is very small like the sonata you can only use it hand held and it doesn't fit much. I was travelling this weekend and the Trevi PM fit my jeans and t-shirt with my makeup bag and wallet phone the essentials. Trevie PM is more practical the PM tivoli is only a shopping bag trevi is also more structured too hold its sharp a lot better
  15. They are two different styles... in fact I just got my Tivoli PM and now I want the Trevi PM... well but I think I've done enough damage in 2007... perhaps wait till 2008 ;)