Trevi PM - Possibly my last LV?

  1. This bag is sheer perfection! I think I want to add another bag to my collection, maybe something in epi (black Alma?) and/or Azur (Berkeley, Speedy?) but then I look at my Trevi and she is just absolutely perfect! I can't see myself carrying a different bag for quite some time! Why buy another bag when I can only see myself carrying my Trevi PM? I have other nice LVs (mono riveting, mirage speedy, etc., etc.) but this is the one bag I feel I truly can carry every day and not get tired of! Anybody else feel this way about one of your LVs? :heart:
  2. Gwen, I am so happy to read your thread. I have been lusting after the Trevi PM since it came out. It will absolutely be my next purchase and my last for a long time.
    I'm glad to hear you feel it is perfect.. that's the way I feel about it and I don't even own it yet! lol
  3. I am glad to hear it too, same as Kimmy, I have been drooling over this beauty, I was gonna buy one while I was in Italy 2 months ago but LV stores there were sold out.
    Now it's still hard to get one.
    Enjoy your beauty the Trevi PM.. please post pictures. would love to see it.
  4. i feel exactly the same about the trevi pm.. i'm thinking of getting a "fun" bag like tokidoki le sportsac.. but i'm not drooling over another LV bag at the moment.. trevi is too perfect imo :heart:
  5. it's awesome to finally think you've found "the one"... hope the feeling lasts!! I know I'd like to feel that way too because if I do it's easier on my wallet!
  6. I feel the same way about the Trevi. But I have not been able to get my hands on one as of yet.
  7. Glad to hear it! I've had my eyes on the Trevi, too. I've never been a fan of damier, but once I saw this feelings changed. It is gorgeous and I hope to own it someday. Congrats!!
  8. I, too, am in love with the Trevi PM and hope to get my hands on one soon! Enjoy it:smile:
  9. Me too! I love the Trevi PM also. I think that it looks so chic.
  10. *sigh* if only i could get my hands on one...... :sad:
  11. I agree... this bag is perfection. IDK what I'm going to do when I finally see one IRL. Congrats on fiding "the one"!
  12. I've only seen the GM IRL. It was huge. I've been lusting to see the PM. I missed one at my boutique by about an hour...bummer.

    Anyway, congratulations on "finding the one"! I think I might be too much of a purse slut to ever get there....:love: