Trevi PM or Tulum GM?

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  1. I purchased the Trevi PM, but I don't know if I LOVE it. I saw the Tulum GM and I was really drawn to it, but the salesperson sort of persuaded me out of buying it because she said she did not like it. She says that it loses its shape and does not stay nice looking. Anyone that owns a Tulum GM, does it lose its shape and get slouchy? Any advice appreciated. I am not sure why I don't love the Trevi PM.
  2. I have a Trevi PM and I love it. I personally don't like the Tulum model but I've never seen it IRL either. But if you like the bag, go for it. SAs should not say what they like and not like, they're not the one buying it and going to use it. But a bag losing it's shape might not be the best one to choose.
  3. I adore my Tulum GM. I haven't had any problems with it losing shape!

    Also, I agree that it was a little strange that the SA made any comments at all. If anything, she should have talked you into buying BOTH!

  4. I'll buy the Trevi off you if you don't want it anymore :graucho:
  5. Keep the Trevi!!!! It's a gorgeous bag! Just keep looking at it and maybe it will grow on you. I've felt that way before and then I ended up loving the bag.
  6. I prefer the look of the Trevi, but if you have any doubts about it WHATSOEVER, I would exchange it!
  7. instead of the tulum maybe you can get the beverly MM if you haven't one... =P just my suggestions because i think i'm really starting to love the look of beverly
  8. I think they are both lovely bags, but the Tulum is a bit more casual than the TRevi. I own a tulum GM and LOVE it, but it is a jeans and heels kind of bag, but I have worn her to disney land too! it's great cross body with the strap lengthened and I love satchels too, but if you want one shoulder bag, this is the one to get in my opinion, and no, mine has not lost shape, that was a silly thing for the SA to say....if they don't own it, they should not dissuade you like that! too bad....
  9. I own the Beverly and my friend has the Tulum. Am I biased? I prefer the Beverly! LOL @ myself.

    I agree, the Tulum seems much more casual but that isn't a bad thing. I know I would like a casual bag and not always a super dressy.

    No matter what you have to love it or you will always second guess yourself. When I was shopping for the Beverly versus the Tivoli I asked my sisters their opinions based on my style and they both said Beverly screamed my name. Ask someone that knows you well. Sometimes what you say you want doesn't really match with reality...hope that makes sense.

    Good luck!
  10. personally i prefer tulum gm. i think it looks better and is more functional with the option to wear cross body. somehow i just have not catch on the trevi fever :p.
  11. I own the tulum pm...LVOE it and the shape is is more casual than the beverly and I like that...also much less bulky than the beverly...beverly is thick.....tulum rocks...hobo style nice hardware love it....I want the berkley in the daimer..I like the look better than the Trevi so, if you want daimer try the berkley...mono go for for the tulum..I was drawn to the tulum immediately and love that I do not see many of them around...Brittney Murphy is on the celeb thread sporting the tulum pm and it looks bag
  12. I would prefer Trevi PM :smile: