Trevi PM or Trevi GM

  1. Ok, since I'm without trevi until a new one arrive I have a question. Does anyone has seen them both IRL? The GM is not yet for sale over here and I'd like to know if the GM is much bigger than the PM. I'm thinking, maybe I will take the GM instead of PM.
  2. I've seen both IRL, and personally, I think the GM is HUGE! I think it would look funny if you're planning on using it everyday...I myself would go for the PM! It's the perfect size!
  3. Go for the PM!! The GM is like luggage.
  4. The GM is probably quite massive, depends on what you want to use it for. Then again I thought the PM was smaller than what I expected, but I didn't try the GM.
  5. Pm...
  6. i didn't get to try them on but i saw both side by side and for some odd reason the gm doesn't seem that huge to me, and i'm normally a small bag girl.

    also the dimensions of the gm are not too far off from the cabby mm. of course this all happened after i tried on the mahina in both xl and xxl. so my perception of size may be a little off LOL.
  7. I think PM is a very good size. It fits quite a lot!
  8. How much do both Trevis retail for?
  9. I haven't seen them in person yet, but I would love the GM. I already have a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 and Hampstead MM so I would love a big Damier Ebene bag. I think the Trevi GM is going to be my next purchase.
  10. I love larger bags but I thought the GM was too big even for me. I was actually surprised at how large it was. Now that being said I have never seen the PM IRL.
  11. My store had both - they are both lovely, but I simply LOVED the GM! Yes, I'm quite tall, but it doesn't feel huge at all. I have a Speedy 30, and the PM would have been too similar in size. And the GM can take all the papers and stuff I need for work, without looking like a workhorse in the least.
  12. I don't know, but I prefer the GM over PM.
    The PM is tooooo perfect for my frame, like a Speedy30 on 5'3" person; while the GM make a statement, not so hugh in my opinion.

    One more thing, the GM size is pretty close to Saleya GM..:love: if it can help.
  13. PM is a good size. The GM is very big.
  14. The PM is big enough! The GM is huge!
  15. does anyone have modeling pictures to show the size?