Trevi pm or Tivoli gm - good deals

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  1. Hello, dolls!

    So... I've been eyeing both the Trevi pm and the Tivoli gm for some time now and just stumbled across good deals at the same time. Now I'm totally torn and I don't know what to do. The Tivoli is a bit pricier than the Trevi, but maybe that's because the Trevi has some chipping on the pipe (pic attached below). The Tivoli seems to be in perfect condition, it just has a honey patina.
    I already have 2 bags in mono (Montsouris gm and the regular Noé) and 2 bags in DE (Speedy b 25 and Totally mm), so the print doesn't really matter. I intend to get a Neverfull gm for Christmas, but I haven't decided if in mono or DE.
    I don't know what to do! :crybaby:

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  2. I sent the wrong picture of the chipping, you can see it better here:

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  3. I like the style of the trevi more (one of the best DE designs made)
  4. trevi
  5. +3 for Trevi. I adore mine and don't understand why it was discontinued.
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    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
    Thanks, girls! Now that I'm seeing the two pictures again, I think there is chipping on both sides of the piping. But the rest of the bag seems to be in great shape.
    My boyfriend and my mom said this bag doesn't look appropriate to my style and age, though :sad: I'm 29 and I'm reeeeally casual most of the time... Are they right?
    He didn't really like neither the Trevi nor the Tivoli lol xD but he preferred the Tivoli. My mom really liked both, but agrees with him about the Trevi...
    I forgot to mention that I'm dead clumsy... Is the Trevi too high maintenance?
  7. These are two of my favorite bags. I just prefer the look and the opening Tivoli so I'd pick that. I've heard a lot that the Trevi is heavy.
  8. How do you like the straps of the Tivoli? Do you find them comfortable? I'm also a bit afraid of them rolling off my shoulder...
  9. I vote Trevi! More ways to carry it and it is a care free bag. It's also one of thee best designs made in opinion of course
  10. Trevi !!!!
  11. I have both bags but would not buy that Trevi with the chipping on the would bother me carrying it with the chipped piping...I think the bag would be appropriate for your age.
  12. I have the Trevi Pm and i love it. its not a high maintenance bag at all, i have been taking it everywhere with me this past summer and only thing i see is hard wear scuffs. I think its really age appropriate for you, I'm 23 and i usually just wear jeans and or yoga pants. The trevi is a bit on the heavy side even without your items im not sure about the weight of the Tivoli gm. I hope this helps. :biggrin:
  13. Thank you all so much for the input, ladies! I decided to go for the Tivoli for now because I've read that it's lighter than the Trevi (I have back pain and heavy bags are really not indicated). I also prefer the slightly less structured bottom of the Tivoli. However, I still intend to buy a Trevi in the future... I'll look for a preloved that is near me, so I'm able to try it on first.
    Thank you all so much!
  14. I'm a little late to this thread but I have both the TiVoli GM and the trevi GM.. they are both gorgeous. I get compliments on both bags because they are a different silhouette than the traditional speedy/neverfull. The tivoli is definitely lighter but there is quite a bit of vachetta to worry about. The trevi is totally carefree! Either bag is a score as they are both discontinued now. You can't go wrong either way
  15. Just got preloved Trevi gm -absolutely gorgeous! She was like new and love love the size !!
    I also have the tivoli gm -great minds think alike !
    I love discountinued bags -wanted them then , but can afford them now and enjoying them so much!!!!