trevi pm or neo cabby mm

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  1. hi guys, i've been going back and forth to LV for 3 weeks now. can't decide between trevi and neo cabby. need(want???) an everyday all around bag.
  2. its depend of your preference. both are gorgeous bag. for more casual look you go with Neo cabby MM. for more feminine dressy like you go with trevi.
  3. ooooh im having the exact same dilemma! they're both gorgeous! it would be wonderful to have both but i'll probably go with the trevi pm cuz it's more versatile, it works with formal and casual.. and imho leather lasts longer than cloth so it's more practical..
  4. I'm waiting to see the Neo Cabby in the new Rose color coming out in April I believe.

    I thing both bags are absolutely stunning but you'd probably get more use from the Trevi because it's more of an all weather bag and can be dressy or casual, the Neo Cabby would appear to be more on the casual side. I plan on getting both at some point.


  5. Exactly my sentiments:tup: wish we could have a preview of the Rose color. I have to decide till wednesday to take advantage of PSN night in Toronto or before the price increase???
  6. I really like the trevi and if you can get it on PSN then even better... and if you like the rose colour you can use your gc from PSN towards it and get both...
  7. I would pick the Trevi
  8. I would choose the Trevi. I just can't get over that the neo cabby is denim....! :smile:
  9. Ditto. :yes:
  10. I prefer the Cabby since it's more casual.
  11. I prefer the Trevi ... just a tad more than the Cabby, both are gorgeous bags though and you really can't go wrong with either.
  12. Trevi before Cabby.
  13. I love the Trevi PM -- it's a perfect bag, IMO! I've bought the neo cabby twice and sold it twice, so I guess it's not for me.
  14. Trevi
  15. both are nice bags....hard to choose sorry :smile: