Trevi PM or Marylebone PM

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  1. Trevi
  2. Marylenone all the way! Never been a fan of the Trevi.
  3. Trevi
  4. Marylebone
  5. Trevi!
  6. Marylebone

  7. Marleybone for sure!! I have it and I love it!! I don't like the pleat in the trevi
  8. Not a fan of trevi I don't like the shape stiff up top and smooshy on bottom once it starts to relax. I have Mary GM and I love it, best practical bag that's dressier than a neverfull.
  9. Trevi 👍
  10. Ooh tough one! I love the trevi for its beauty and the marylebone for an everyday bag. Right now I would probably get more use out of a marylebone.
  11. Marylebone PM! I just bought this one. Will do reveal soon.