Trevi PM or Marylebone PM

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  1. Which of these two bags would you buy if they are both the same price?
  2. At the moment I really like the Marylebone pm
  3. Marylebone. I strongly considered it and the Metis. And I still want one, maybe in a few months since I just got the Metis.
  4. Marylebone.
  5. Trevi!
  6. Marylebone because it's an easier bag to use w the big opening
  7. Marylebone. It's beautiful!
  8. Trevi pm
  9. Trevi
  10. Trevi
  11. I don't care for the Trevi, it's really heavy.
  12. Trevi!!! Love mine!
  13. I prefer the Trevi.. I like the details on it.
  14. Trevi
  15. Trevi