Trevi PM or Manhattan PM?

  1. Just want to know your thoughts between tha two. Which one would you go for and why? TIA! :smile:
  2. i'm considering the Trevi PM, but i already have the Manhattan PM and i LOVE it. it was one of my earliest LV bags, and even though my collection has grown to alarming proportions, i still go back to the Manhattan PM every now and then. it's the perfect day-to-evening bag, and can be dressed up or down
  3. trevi! its gorgeous IRL!!! and so chic! since its damier, you wont have to worry about dirt and stains too!
  4. I like both. However, because these are bags of different patterns, they can only be compared by size, shape, price, comfortability, etc. I am in LOVE with the monogram canvas style, so I find it very hard to go to other patterns. When I was buying my Cabas Mezzo last Sunday, I was looking at the Trevi GM and I loved it. I definitely would have "rocked" that. It really depends on the bag. Whatever your choice is, good luck to you. Don't let the bag wear you, wear it. :smile:

    P.S. Where did you find the Trevi PM? My local store has a waitlist for it. :sad:
  5. Good god that Trevi is gorgeous but I would go with the manhattan PM. Y'know you really can't go wrong with either one. the manhattan is more timeless, IMO.
  6. I vote for the trevi PM. It's such a lovely bag and the red alcantara is soooo chic.
  7. Can't give an opinion on the Trevi because I haven't seen it IRL, but my $0.02 on the Manhattan PM is that it's quite a heavy little bag, and it doesn't do casual. Jeans, nice top and a jacket, yes ... jeans, polo top and Manhattan PM, no, I wouldn't. Mine is only my 2nd LV and I love it madly ... :love:
  8. Thanks ladies! Yeah the manhattan is timeless and trevi is so chic. Gosh!!! I still have to think things through again. ;) Thanks!!!

  9. That's half the fun of it! Keep on thinking! :girlsigh:
  10. Have you made up your mind yet? I am thinking about the same question both of them...
  11. Gosh, I'm having the same problem too, can't decide which one to buy!
    I was at the Holt Renfrew's Yorkdale this weekend and they didn't have the Trevi in stock, does anybody know if the other stores in Toronto have both in stock so I can try them on & compare?
  12. Wow! I was there on Wed. and they had both sizes, they sold fast. :wtf: Try Holts on Bloor or the Bloor St. lV. Don't worry too much though because the trevi is not LE so they will get more in stock. I personally like the Trevi better myself but they are both great bags.
  13. that's a toughie! I would go withe the Manhattan PM in the end...I don't know, it just seems so classic and timeless....
  14. Both are really gorgeous bags... but I like the look of the Trevi PM more.
  15. I have the Manhattan PM and LOVE it! However, I also REALLY like the Trevi PM (even though it got knocked off my "Next up" list in my sig by the Denim XL today cuz my mom might get it and I figured why buy it when I can do some mooching LOL!!!) ....

    So......... I'd suggest to get the TREVI PM just cuz it's NEWER lol (I know, highly unlike me to vote for this bag cuz I'm usually biased toward the Manhattan PM lol)