trevi pm or mahina lunar

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  1. if you were to have only 1 bag, which would you prefer, trevi pm or mahina lunar pm/gm and why/why not?
  2. Lunar PM... because it's so soft and beautiful, made of leather, made in France, less common than Trevi and it's complete luxury.

    On the other hand, Trevi is a workhorse kind of bag - rugged, practical every day type purse. But heavy even when empty.

    I'd go for the luxury.
  3. Def, Lunar pm. Trevi is nice, but I see Trevi everywhere now. You should go with something less common, something prettier.
  4. trevi
  5. Trevi
  6. Trevi!
  7. Trevi gets my vote :smile:
  8. Mahina
  9. Trevi
  10. I Would Def Go For The Mahina Lunar! As Other People Have Said It Is More Luxurious & Of Course Less Common Therefore Making It The Better Choice In My Opinion! I Have A Mahina L In Noir & I Just Love Mine!:love: It is Def A Very Chic Luxurious Bag!:smile: Good Luck Deciding On What To Get!:flowers:
  11. Mahina! I have a Trevi and love it but I also love the smooshiness of Mahina! And I like the style of the Lunar
  12. Trevi looks more stylish. For mahina, there are nicer styles IMO
  13. Mahina,Trevi is too common.
    I enjoy carrying my Mahina,so far never see any Authentic Mahina around me but always see Trevi (fake & authentic).
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhh
    don't make me choose!!!
    i have trevi pm..
    but if i have extra $, i would get the lunar, no question asked!
    why? because lunar comes in limited colours and changes every season.. but trevi, i can always get it later as damier prints is permanent..

  15. i have a trevi pm too..i'm actually thinking of selling my trevi pm and saleya mm to be able to buy a lunar you at one point or another get tired of bringing your trevi pm? coz i sometimes feel tired of bringing my trevi..i want to own a bag that i can bring anywhere without feeling that it's too formal, like the trevi..i think a mahina lunar is more versatile than trevi and can be real, real casual, but can be a bit formal's just that the trevi is a little more mature-looking than lunar......what do you mean by limited colors and changes every season? are you referring to the colors only or also the styles, meaning, mahina lunar can be discontinued after one season? pls explain..coz i really like the mahina lunar gm (if i can prove that it's equal or better yet, a lot more durable than damier ebene)...thank you :biggrin: