Trevi PM or GM

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  1. It looks like some of you ladies are totin' my dream bag...the Trevi.
    Was in the Boston boutique last week and tried on the larger model. Gorgeous but a big bag even for me at over 6'
    Can/will anyone with the smaller model show me a photo of yourself with your bag....BOston did not have the smaller model available so I could not compare.
    Really want to see the smaller one and of course love the 700 dollar difference!
    Thanks so much!:wlae:
  2. i honestly think the gm is too big.. the pm isn't exactly small so if you love the pm i say go for it!
  3. definately the PM! the GM is HUGE!
  4. Thanks ladies...Gwen, I didn't even realize there was such a thread...yummy eye candy!
    My SA made a mistake the other day....she said the PM was 1180...I am seeing posts that state it is 1480. GOtta keep saving I guess!
  5. :smile:Price on Trevi PM is $1460.
  6. I prefer the PM too, I saw a tall lady with GM the other day and she looked like Mary Poppins ... the PM is definitely cuter!
  7. I tried both sizes at the boutique, now granted, I am only 5'5".. but the GM was gigantic. I much prefer the PM!
  8. Many talked about Trevi GM & PM. I'm also the one who want to have PM, too. And will buy one soon.:broom:
  9. Gm!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  10. Please do a search as there are existing threads and posts that you can read and post in. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.