Trevi PM or GM? Help Please !!!

  1. Hi Guys...I cannot compare both because there are not available in the stores...can you help me decide which one is better? I have a Manhattan GM, and a Tivoli GM...but I have never seen the Trevi GM...only the Trevi PM which is ok and not too you think the Trevi GM is better?

  2. If you like the larger bags (which you seem to), you will probably find the PM isn't quite enough. The PM is a good sized bag but you would probably benefit from the extra space of the GM.
  3. I guess maybe GM since you prefer the GM in the other bags.
  4. oh... I'm so jealous!!
    I'm hoping the Trevi PM will be my first 2008 purchase....**hoping**
  5. PM!!!!! the bigger the bag the more you carry the heavier it gets the less likely you will use it. Although the GM is great overnight bag for traveling
  6. I think the GM would be great.
  7. The store I was in today( picking up my heart) had the PM and GM (oh how I wish they had a NM) Found the Gm to be too large for me..PM is the size of my Berkley so I stayed with that size...would have like it a little larger, but can not have everything. Shoulder strap is adjustable on both bags btw
  8. i like the PM!!!
  9. If you prefer big bags then def go w/the GM. I'm considering it as my next LV as well.
  10. In this case I prefer the GM.
  11. I own & love the GM! You can see GM & PM model pix in clubhouse :yes:
  12. im a lover of big bags so i would have to gm for that reason
  13. I have the PM.. I am 5'5", 140lbs and I found the GM to be huge.
    BEst of luck.. it's a great bag!
  14. In your case I'd say GM. But you went with the PM right? I have the PM too cause I thought the GM was too big. It would have been great if they'd have MM.